Making life connections with Believe Curricuum youth ministry lessons - youth sharingSee your youth connected and living out their faith

Using presentations and discussions, Believe Curriculum¬†youth ministry lessons take your youth step-by-step through the Scripture, the tradition, and everyday life ¬†using the theme, “loving God, loving neighbor.” They make life connections as they explore:

  • ~~who they are,
  • ~~what their tradition is,
  • ~~how it connects with their present lives, and
  • ~~how God is calling them to live in the present and future.

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The best kept secret about youTheology and teens

Many people believe that young people will only learn with lots of showy techniques. They believe that you have to compete with what the entertainment world offers.

In youTheology, young people have been learning over the last ten years and getting excited about the faith without us competing with the entertainment world.

Why? Because the topics have been engaging. In addition, there has been space for them to ask their questions. Moreover, they have been learning together. The group style we use makes this possible.

These teens have been at different levels of faith development. However, they have all engaged. Most of them are still actively serving their church and the world. That's the Believe Curriculum difference.

The truth behind the "teens asked" lesson set

We could see that the teens weren't connecting enough with the lessons we sent them. To change this, we asked them what they wanted to talk about.

This is what you get in these three lessons.
They are discussions on topics that young people deal with everyday.

In these lessons, teens talk and learn about these topics using the Bible, tradition, and everyday experiences. They also hear from present day voices.

One simple question that made a big difference for our young people

The young people were learning what it means to love themselves. They studied it the Bible. The looked at John Wesley's life and his search for love. They talked about different aspects of their lives.

Something happened when they came to the question, "Who am I?" They had to stop and think more deeply. Who were they really? It made a difference in how they saw themselves, their faith, and their future.
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