Want your teens connected and living out their faith?

Do you want your youth to stay in the faith when so many are disillusioned and following other paths?

Do you want your youth to be more loving in this day and age when there is so much fear and hate?

Do you want a curriculum that does this as it teaches sound theological and Wesleyan principles?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Believe Curriculum is for you!

Believe Curriculum is your bridge to help your students

discover themselves,

connect with their past, and

live into their future.

You will only find this exclusive curriculum here.

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You know that not engaging student ministries theologically using the Bible and tradition and showing how they relate to today’s societal issues and norms has a negative impact, don't you? Your youth don't know how the faith applies to their everyday lives. They do not have the tools to apply their faith and live faithfully.

Get your ace card . . .

and hold it . . .

Believe Curriculum gives students the tools to understand and do theology. It also guides them to apply theology to their everyday lives.

Here are some other cool things about Believe Curriculum:

  • It is rooted in the fundamental principle of love.
  • It helps young people explore how God is calling them.
  • It has a lasting impact.
You see, with Believe Curriculum, young people become more confident about what and why they believe. They engage life from a Biblical and tradition oriented perspective. All this leads to greater rootedness in the church and the world.
Believe Curriculum does not end in the room. 
With the theme, “Loving God, Loving Neighbor,” it sends students out into the world to serve as they live out their call.

The curriculum will deliver:

  • Focus on the student so that they play and active role in their learning.
  • Presentations by seminary professors and pastors so that you have solid lesson content.
  • Discussion guides on topics youth have identified as being important to them so that the material is relevant.
  • Detailed guides for each session so that you know what you have in a lesson, how to use it, and make any changes you wish.
  • Scripts for the presentations so that you don't have to spend time trying to figure out what to say.
  • Slides for the presentations to include more than one learning style.
  • Handouts for students so that they can see what they are talking about.

Yes, Believe Curriculum is based on the successful youTheology curriculum. Now you can use it right where you are.

How to Obtain This Outstanding Curriculum

By now you must be wondering how to get this outstanding curriculum in your hands for your youth!

It's easy. Just click the button below and for $149.99 it will be yours and you will see the difference in your youth.

So What Are You Getting With This Incredible POWER” Curriculum?

Are you ready? Drumroll please

13 core presentations in Believe Curriculum by faculty of Saint Paul School of Theology and church leaders in the Kansas City Metro area .

"Love God, Love Your Neighbor" - Dr Warren Carter

"Baptism as Vocation" - Dr Jim Brandt

"Doing Theology: What is Theology?" - Dr Hal Knight

"Doing Theology: How Do We Do Theology?" - Dr Hal Knight

"Looking for Love in a Lot of Places" - Dr Sondra Matthaei

"Loving God, Self, and Others" - Rev Art Carter"Who is Our Neighbor?" - Rev Steve Breon

"Family Reunion" - Dr Doug Powe

"The Wesley Family" - Dr Sondra Matthaei

"The Wesley Brothers" - Dr Sondra Matthaei

"Who Is My Neighbor?" - Dr Pamela Couture

"Servers Wanted" (Serving God) - Dr Warren Carter

"Loving God, Loving Neighbor in Lent" - Dr Claire Smith

6 Discussion and Activity Guides:

"Introducing Me"

"Practicing Sabbath"

"Loving Myself – Wesleyan Quadrilateral Reflection"

"Dealing With Stereotypes"

"Substance Abuse"

"Responsible Sexuality"

Now, Believe Curriculum is not something that you can pick up 5 minutes before the session and teach. You need to go through it beforehand.

But, ask yourself: "What are the students in my youth ministry worth? What value do I put on them? Can I put a price?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Young people in some groups show a readiness to go deep and explore their faith and tradition. That makes it an easy "yes."

On the other hand, you may be with a group that needs to be coaxed to go deeper. You can still use Believe Curriculum with them. You will just need to use it in shorter bits and then increase the time span as you go along.

Believe Curriculum is not a one-size fits all resource. We know that different groups have different time frames for their meetings, different needs, and that we are at different places. Most lessons are based on a 90 minute time frame. Each of these, can therefore be used over at least 2 sessions, especially if your teaching time is 30 minutes.

Definitely. You can choose the order in which you teach the lessons.

Believe Curriculum could last for as long as a school year, depending on how the leader uses it, how much the group shares, and the regularity with which you use it. You can use it weekly, or as a monthly study. You could also use it for an intensive one-week camp or use parts of it for a weekend retreat.

The time could range from a semester to a year.

More questions? Contact us and we will get back to you.

While it is true that the material teaches a lot about Wesleyan history and theology. However, because the aspects we look at are very engaged with loving God and neighbor, which Jesus identified as the greatest commandments, anyone can use these materials and see their youth grow. This curriculum is based on the youTheology program. Here, you can view the impact youTheology made on a young lady who to this day remains a committed Roman Catholic.

When your payment goes through you will be told how to download the materials directly from the site. In addition, you will receive an email with all the links for the lessons from which you can make your download. Create special folders on your computer for each lesson.

Believe Curriculum has been created for use with youth and young adults. It can be used by youth groups, campus ministries, and any group that is looking for different ways to teach about the Christian faith and what it means to love God and neighbor. Ideally, high school age and up.

Because Believe Curriculum is flexible, use it as works best for you—as part of the regular youth group, as a special study outside of the regular meeting, for a retreat . . .

See "best ways of using this curriculum" for more details. To get the most out of Believe Curriculum, review the lesson at least a few days in advance. This will give you time to photocopy the student handouts, your guides, and gather the materials for the activities. This is not designed to be picked up just before class and be used.


“It’s exceptionally informative, but with a presentation style that lay persons and students can easily understand. I think the Believe Curriculum will be an asset to churches."

Rev Demetria Jones-Smith
Minister of Christian Education
at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

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