Options for Using Believe Curriculum

Before diving in, ask yourself, How important is the faith development of the young people whom you serve? How much are  you willing to invest in it?

Note that if you’re looking for material that you can pick up 1 hour before class or group and teach from it, Believe Curriculum is not for you.

Option 1—weekly programming for regular youth group

You can use Believe Curriculum  for your weekly program, mixing the interactive presentations, activities and discussion.

Option 2—montly programming for regular youth group

You can integrate Believe Curriculum into your regular program as a once a month study, using the interactive presentations and other features in the order that works best for you. If you do use this option, it would flow better if the mentors and leaders were trained prior to using it with the youth/young adults so that the mentors and leaders are ready to assume their roles from the get go. Let the entire group know beforehand that you will be doing this study. If your group is large enough, break into smaller groups for the discussion questions. Aim to have 6 to 8 in a small group.

Option 3—Intensive program within the youth group

This could be run as a program in addition to the regular program for those who want to go deeper. It could run concurrently with the regular program if you have enough leaders, or be held at another time. As with the first option, for a good flow, train the mentors and leaders before you start the study.

Option 4—Retreat

A week long or a series of 2 to 4 weekend retreats in a retreat or camp setting is a viable option for using Believe Curriculum. When done this way, the mentor training can be woven into the early part of using the curriculum. The small group leader training would still be best done ahead of time.

Option 5—Combo

A combination of using Believe Curriculum as part of your regular youth or college ministry group and a retreat.

Option 6—Joint Study Program

A group of small churches in small towns bring their youth together for a period of time to do this as a special study.

Option 7—Whatever works for you

What you’ll get with a typical Believe Curriculum Lesson

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