Issues Young People Care About

How we increased engagement with our youth

youth interests-Issues young people care aboutIn youTheology we sent out monthly materials for youth to discuss with their mentors, on key topics. This would help them to look at issues theologically, continuing to use the Wesleyan Quadrilateral.

How to engage youth interests?

The problem we found was that only some of them were using the materials we sent. We could see the benefits with those who used them. The question we struggled with was how to get everyone interested in and using them. How to get everyone enjoying the same benefits. In other words, how to appeal to youth interests

Have you ever wondered this in your youth group? Have you ever faced the challenge of getting everyone interested and actively involved, of appealing to youth interests?

You want to see all your youth engaged. You want to see all of them figuring out how to live for God. You want to see all of them excited about learning and living the Christian life. You don’t want them to leave you without a grasp of how to life faithfully for God in everyday life.

As we thought about this we said, what if we asked them for the topics for these monthly materials instead of suggesting all the topics? We already ask them for the topics for the ending seminar so, why not throughout the year?

You know, that’s just what we did.

They liked it

The young people liked that. They talked about it. Hear what Ashley had to say about it when we asked her what was important to her:

We have made these topics available for you to go through with your youth. Why?

The truth is, these are questions all young people deal with. They look for answers. There are many people giving them these answers. Why not you?

Now your young people can get the same benefits ’cause it’s youth interests

Where else would you go to get this combination of lessons that look at these issues from the perspective of what is happening in society, what the Bible says, what the tradition says, and gives space for young people to share their experiences and look at what God is saying to them about these issues?

The topics are:

  • Responsible Sexuality
  • Stereotypes
  • Substance Abuse

bonus-burst-blue-001You get 3 lessons for the price of 2 with this bundle.


You know this is unique and the price is right.

This is your change to impact youth where they live and make a change.  Won’t you seize it?

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