Believe Curriculum FAQ’s

Who is Believe Curriculum for?

Believe Curriculum has been created for use with youth and young adults. It can be used by youth groups, campus ministries, and any group that is looking for different ways to teach about the Christian faith and what it means to love God and neighbor. Ideally, high school age and up.

How should I use it?

Use it as works best for you—as part of the regular youth group, as a special study outside of the regular meeting, for a retreat . . . See “best ways of using this curriculum” for more details.

To get the most out of Believe Curriculum, review the lesson at least a few days in advance. This will give you time to photocopy the student handouts, your guides, and gather the materials for the activities. This is not designed to be picked up just before class and be used.

Do I need to be Methodist to use it?

No. It is true that the material teaches a lot about Wesleyan history and theology. However, because the aspects we look at are very engaged with loving God and neighbor, which Jesus identified as the greatest commandments, anyone can use these materials and see their youth grow. This curriculum is based on the youTheology program. Here, you can view the impact youTheology made on a young lady who to this day remains a committed Roman Catholic.

What options are available to me in purchasing Believe Curriculum?

  • The Believe Curriculum package containing the full suite of lessons, mentor training and small group training along with activities, and apps to engage participants in between sessions.
  • Individual lessons and/or activities and/or discussion guides.
  • The “Who Am I?” Retreat package.
  • Coming soon—a bundle of discussion sessions based on topics that young people have requested..

All lessons come with:

  • a guide that gives an overview and information for preparing and implementing,
  • text instructions/script for the leader,
  • handouts for participants to use in session, and
  • handouts for them to take home, +
  • an optional PowerPoint presentation.

What if I can’t find adults willing to be mentors to the youth and/or young adults in my group? Will I still be able to use Believe Curriculum?

Yes. Believe Curriculum has enough flexibility that you could use it in your group without mentors and the youth/young adults still benefit from it.

What if we can’t find small group leaders for the discussion? Will I still be able to use Believe Curriculum?

Yes. In that case, you will need to be more hands-on in monitoring and supporting the participant in their group activities.

I have a small group (10 and under). Will I still be able to use Believe Curriculum?

Yes. Believe Curriculum is designed to be used with various sized groups.

I do not have a projector. Can I still use Believe Curriculum?

Yes. Using the PowerPoint is optional. The leaders’ guide gives guidance on using Believe Curriculum with or without the PowerPoint.

How much time do I need for each lesson?

Believe Curriculum is not a one-size fits all resource. We know that different groups have different time frames for their meetings, different needs, and that we are at different places. It is quite possible to do one lesson over several meeting times.

How do I pay?

Payment is through the secure shopping cart on the website. See “How to purchase” for more details.

How do I access the materials?

When your payment goes through you will be told how to download the materials directly from the site. In addition, you will receive an email with all the links for the lessons from which you can make your download. Create special folders on your computer for each lesson.

There are adults volunteers in my group. What should they do during the discussions?

Participate with the youth. However, adults should allow most of the contributions to come from the youth. In addition, you may assign them specific tasks and give them leadership at various points in the lesson.

How long will the Believe Curriculum package last?

This depends on the leader and the group and the regularity with which you use it. The time could range from a semester to a year. You could also use parts of it in an intense weekend or use most of it in an intensive one-week camp type format.

More questions? Contact us and we will get back to you.